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    Lunatic 7cm

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    SOFT LURES Dragon V – Lures reached the first place on Polish market during 3 years since they had been in an offer. This is due primarily to their effectiveness which in our opinion is a result of the diversity of the offered shapes and action of the baits. It allows you to select proper soft lure in all situations on the water. No matter if the angler needs strong side work or the caudal fin which fans widely or maybe flashing with the slight vibration of the tail. In Dragon products range you can find almost everything. Not irrelevant to the success of those baits is certainly their eye – catching design and careful workmanship from the highest quality materials. LUNATIC PRO, LUNATIC Lunatic is a lure shaped like a slim fish with a strong tail action and a strongly shimmering lower side. The best results are obtained during descent with the classic guidance method and frequent tempo changes. The prototypes of Lunatic lures were tested in Swedish skerries by Tomek Krysiak, a member of our team. According to Tomek, these lures were far more effective than those offered by leading companies: Swedish pikes and zanders truly went mad about them. Now new PRO-colors made Lunatic even more efficient weapon for pikes and zanders!
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